Nursing School Scholarships in Haiti

After taking part in medical volunteer trips to Haiti to work in a small clinic, one translator mentioned that she dreamed of going to nursing school, but couldn’t afford the tuition. A realization struck me: sending in expatriates for short term trips simply did not make sense when there are so many young Haitians who would love to work in healthcare. After discussing her goals, she introduced me to many high achieving young Haitians in a similar situation. When I got home, I started a fundraiser to pay for their tuition. What began as a fundraiser for full ride nursing school scholarships for my friends in Blanchard has expanded to include many more studentsThe results have been incredible... (more).


In partnership with cancer support communities, I founded JumpJumpJump, a skydive program for people facing tough diagnoses. The goal is to share the feeling of freedom, the rush, and the exhilaration of jumping out of a perfectly serviceable airplane. We provide an all expenses paid skydive experience for inspiring individuals.... (more).

Disaster Relief

I have been part of medical disaster relief missions to both Haiti and Nepal. We are sent into the areas which were hardest to access and oftentimes hike in with our supplies. I served as an EMT, scribe, and on triage...(more).

Palliative Care in Rwanda

After working with a large NGO on the oncology team, I learned that eighty percent of the world’s population has either zero or insufficient access to pain treatment. I teamed up with Dr. Christian Ntzimira and the Rwanda Hospice and Palliative Care Organization on an initiative to train healthcare workers in the delivery of high quality palliative care. In just 24 hours, we raised enough funds to sponsor an entire training institute at Masaka Hospital. Our efforts so far have resulted in the entire district now able to access pain relief... (more).

If You Never Did, You Should

There’s some magic that happens when you write down your goals. When I turned 17 (read: wild-eyed, naive, and insatiable), I wrote out my bucket list and began to cross things off. I documented my journey online, eventually being sponsored to complete items and meeting fellow adventurers along the way...(more).